Hiking and bike-riding around Wettolsheim

Wettolsheim is quite a pleasant spot for long walks in both the vineyards and the woods, and family strolls.


The Herzog path - "sentier Herzog"

An easy walk of 2,8 km in the forest that leads from the Hagueneck Castle to the Herzog family's ancient canoe pond.

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The squirrel's path - "sentier de l'écureuil"

Quite an easy 6,4 km walk (plan around 2,5 hours) which links the Hohlandsbourg to the "Trois Châteaux". The path is marked out by a squirrel footprint and educational signs.

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The Lazare de Schwendi path

Both ways, the 2,5 km distance between the Hohlandsbourg Castle (645m alt.) and the Pflixbourg Castle (454m alt.). Plan 1h30 going uphill or 45mn downhill.

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The quarries path - "sentier des carrières"

A 4,4 km walk (ie 2 hours give or take) leading from "Trois Châteaux" park place to the Marbach abbey. The trail is marked by signs representing a tent. You also wil enjoy the information boards about the sand stones quarries' characteristics and the various functions of the forest.

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The Club Vosgien itineraries

There are hiking circuits marked "Club Vosgien" starting from the town hall place.

Check :

• Northwards, up the vineyards : the chapel "Chapelle des Bois" via the ruins of a Roman cottage, a beautiful view over the Alsatian plain.

• Westwards : the hunters' rest 'Repos des Chasseurs" is going through the forest via Hagueneck Castle, then leading to the Stauffen shelter "Refuge du Stauffen".


The famous Wettolsheim Gourmet walking tour - "Balade Gourmande de Wettolsheim"

Since 2012, this is the May event everyone is eager to be a part of ! A 9 km Gourmet Walking Tour through vineyards and forest all around the Hagueneck Castle.

At each step of the ride, a dish matching food and wine.


To get further formation and sign in : https://balade-gourmande-wettolsheim.fr


Riding my bicycle !

Through the vineyards by following the Wine road ("Route des Vins d'Alsace"):

- southwards : Eguisheim, Gueberschwihr, Rouffach....

- northwards : Wintzenheim, Turckheim, Niedermorschwihr...


Vineyards and Munster Valley : bycicle path starting from Wintzenheim


Along the river Lauch : bycicle path from Wettolsheim, then to Colmar or Herrlisheim.